The Clothes That Changed Me…..

Wow it has been FOREVER since I last blogged but today I felt compelled to write. Since my journey for Kennedy we tried IVF two more times and we now have a set of girl girl twins!!! Even though I suffered from infertility to get my beautiful children doesn’t mean I don’t still feel the “effects” of the body changes that come with that. I was a thin person before having children, but after all of the IVF meds and having 3 my body has changed dramatically.

I have been selling LuLaRoe since June of this year with my mom but found out about it when I was pregnant with the twins because, well twins change you, A LOT! I felt awful, everything I put on looked horrible, then my mom told me about these leggings and I brushed it off. Then maternity pants became uncomfortable so I asked her about them to see if she thought they would fit over my huge bump. We reached out to a consultant she knew and I got 2 pairs, the rest is history. I am telling you these clothes are AMAZING! It is not just leggings, there are tops, dresses, skirts, kimonos and kids stuff! A combo that was my go to was the leggings and a top called Irma (shown below).

After the twins were born my body changed even more, I had stretch marks I had never had before, I had a “mom” pouch much bigger than I did with Kennedy, I felt disgusting. But as soon as I put my LuLaRoe on I feel BEAUTIFUL. I am telling you this looks great on EVERYONE! I wear it everyday and get compliments when I actually get the leave the house, which is few and far between with 3 under 3 but even at home I like to feel good. I have women of all ages, shapes and sizes come over and I tell you EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM leaves my house feeling awesome even if they came over with no intentions of shopping. I am not writing this as a sales pitch, I am writing this because it is REAL LIFE, bodies change, but feeling confident doesn’t have to.

The owner of LuLaRoe Deanne is also a HUGE inspiration, you cannot listen to that woman talk without crying your eyes out and just feeling like a better human being. This company is so family oriented and they make YOU feel like family. And another HUGE bonus, I got to leave my 11 year career at American Express to STAY HOME with my miracles, yes you heard that right left a career to stay home and sell clothes that make me and my friends feel beautiful, what more could you ask for??

If you haven’t checked out LuLaRoe you should because what woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful? If you told me 6 months ago I would be at home with my kids I would have told you you were crazy but Deanne had a dream and is fulfilling mine, seriously I never could have imagined leaving my career but I did and I make enough money for our family doing something I LOVE!